Friday, August 31, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Sorry it has been so long since I've posted, over a month! I had two emails waiting for me the other day just to see if I was ok. Seems that Criquette over at Prairie Gumbo, Marianne from Marianne's Knotminding and Dana from Blue Ridge Knittery had noticed I wasn't around much and was concerned about me.

Half of it was I felt more like reading some fan fiction (no, not THAT kind! :)) than of keeping up on blog reading. I do tend to go through phases of what I read online. My husband has been sick with strep AND mono the last two weeks, and though I have managed to not catch any of it, I have been worn out. Taking naps in the middle of the day worn out. I've also been busy doing some volunteering for the McPherson Scottish Festival. Plus, my headache has been a little worse and I suppose I have been a little depressed. There are some signs that I'm coming out of my funk though, so let's hope! I have been knitting though, and even took a knitting class. Actually have a couple of FO's to blog about too. I'll try to get a post up about them over the weekend.

Once again ladies, thanks for emailing, it helped get me out of my funk and back in the mood for reading some knit blogs! I'm down to 268 on my bloglines!

If you like my Nathan pictures you have to see Miranda's Nathan videos, they are so cute. I think there are 4 short videos in all. Make sure you don't miss the one of him blowing raspberries, it is the absolute cutest!!