Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Enough Fiber!

Dana posted in the comments again, making sure I'm alive. We must be on the same wave length, I've been thinking about posting, her nudge was just the thing I needed. Fiber wise haven't been doing a whole lot. From late Oct. to early Jan. didn't go to any of my fiber groups. No knitting groups, no Minneapolis(ks) spinning group, no Abilene spinning guild. Just didn't work out. Either the weather was bad, I was busy, I forgot or I just didn't feel good. Missed the fiber friends.

Early Jan. I managed to get up to Minneapolis(hr. away) I was up there about 1:30 when Techpriest called. He was sick enough he wanted me to come home. By the time I got there he wanted to go to the ER. I was afraid something was really wrong there for awhile. It ended up being a really bad case of the flu, but I have never seen him like that. He said it was the worst he has ever felt. He had his 4 wisdom teeth pulled not even a week later. That's a lot of pain in just a short while!

Knitted a Christmas present (finished about a week ago) for Karla that I can't show yet as I haven't given it to her yet. That's ok, she isn't done with mine so I beat her! Also made a freezer paper stencil T shirt for her son. I hope I remember to take pics of both of them.

Bought some cotton roving to try. I have to concentrate on spinning it, since it has such a short staple. So I don't find it as fun as spinning wool or alpaca. I'm glad I'm spinning it though, like to stretch my boundaries and it will probably get a little easier the more I do it.

My yarn really wasn't selling at the Yarn Store so I thought I might put it up on Etsy(which hasn't happened yet). Someone bought 3 skeins though as I was packing it up, said she hadn't realized it was there. Here are the most recent skeins I've finished.

Tomorrow the 4 of us from the Minneapolis group are going to Abilene to teach spinning all day to a group of Alpaca breeders! Should be lots of fun, hope I make it through the day!