Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Jersey Bound

Headed to New Jersey to see hubby's family so I thought I would make a quick post to get caught up.  
Charity afghan squares for the Dr Who group on Ravelry, profits to go to Doctors without Borders, made with scrap sock yarn.

Chain Chomp Hat (rav link), made for Danny (pictured).  Chain chomp is from the Mario video games, basically a big ball and chain with eyes and teeth that tries to eat you.  

My first hand spun yarn all dyed up!  Joined Karen at her guild dye day and had loads of fun!  Was a very poor blogger and forgot to take my camera.  I used acid wash dyes, but most of the ladies used natural dyes, I learned so much.  Met many great ladies, I will probably join that guild, I want to repeat the experience.  I only dyed 2 skeins, but wanted to show all the colors off, that is why there are so many pictures.

Guess who wanted to be in the pictures too?

New member of the family.  He is supposed to keep Zoey company, to bad Zoey is afraid of him. No, Dana, he name isn't Wash, but trust me, if he had been an orange cat, he would have been. As he isn't I let Techpriest name him.  So, of course, his name is Japanese.   Takun (Tock coon), from FLCL(fooly cooly) an anime show.   

I'm going to post an email hubby sent to his Dad, it is so true.

Zoey is opera.  When she is given food she looks at it and walks away.  She comes back to it later and eats it, just to be polite.  She sharpens her claws on the cardbox we gave her, she was not taught that, she just knew.  When we let her out she watches nature and when we call, she comes back in.

Takun, Tock for short, is heavy hetal.  When given food he eats it as fast as he can, growling the whole time.  He sharpens his claws on the furniture.  I am afraid when he is old enough to let out he will rob a liquor store.

While typing this I have my shirt off because it is a little warm in here.  Tock just jumped off another chair and landed on my back, dug in his claws and bit my head.

Faren had a dream that I wanted to take him back.  I told her it wasn't me, it was Zoey whispering in her ear while she was asleep.  "Send it back.  Send it back."

The last few days have been quite something, let me tell you!  Well, I'm going to go for now, I'll be back in a week, hopefully I'll have some new yarn porn to show you all.