Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello, Blogosphere? It's me, Faren.

Hi guys, Dana was wondering how I was doing, so I thought I would let you all know that I was still alive.  Last time I posted was in September, time sure does fly, doesn't it?  Still reading all your blogs, just don't have the brainpower to string words together to comment.  

At the end of September I was approved for Disability, so in October I went to Chicago to the Diamond Headache Clinic to see if they could help with these damn headaches. I stayed in the hospital for a week.  Had a great view of the lake.  They doped me up with Methadone (which Heroin addicts use to get off it), still had the headache, but didn't really care that I had one. I was totally out of it though.  Techpriest said we had the same conversion three times, once by phone, then by email, then once again by phone just to make sure he was really bored.  The doctor put me on new meds, which helped some.  Went back in January and tried Botox, it helps some people with headache, but not me.  Overall it was a crapshoot.  Medicare did pay for most of the hospital stay, but we were still out a heck of a lot of money for not much of nothing.

There for awhile I wasn't going to knit night, just didn't feel up to driving 30 min each way.  Haven't really been knitting much either.  I have been spinning a lot though.  Managed to spin some sock yarn so I started knitting some socks for me.  This is the first yarn I've kept for myself since the first yarn I spun so long ago (blogged about two posts ago!) I've made much improvement.  Check out my flickr if you want to look at them.  A lot of my yarn I've swapped on Craftster, I've gotten a lot of great stuff that way.  Last Wednesday I did manage to go to knit night, because I wanted to drop off a bunch of yarn for them to sell! Well, hopefully it will sell.  We will see. 

On the animal front, before we went to Chicago our upstairs neighbors abandoned they two cats on the porch.  One was a kitten and one was full grown.  So we decided it would be much easier to find homes for the two kittens and just keep Zoey and Lady, which is short for old lady she acted so old.  She wouldn't jump on anything, wouldn't play at all.  She is much better now so we have to wonder if it was abandonment issues.  

Well, that seems like all my brain can string together, so I better get out of here.  Take care everyone!

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Dana said...

Yay, you're alive! ;) I'm sorry to hear that the Chicago trip to the clinic didn't go as well as you would've hoped; that's a shame and hopefully, someone will come up with something for you soon. I am sorry for your pain! go girl! My wheel is dusty and neglected, poor thing. It's been over a year since I've even touched it.

Glad to hear that Miss Zoey is well and Techipriest too. Take care of yourself! XOXOXO