Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yes, sir, Cap'n Tight-Pants.

Shindig roving, I took my inspiration from the TV show Firefly. Based on Kaylee's fluffy layer cake dress. 2 braids, 5 oz total, Superwash wool, Sheep Shed Studios, Brown Sheep mill ends, Jaquard dyes, hand dyed by me. Here is the dress. Picture from

Second sock made on the trip to Branson, Feb. 2010. Yarn from the Two Windows Dye Co. from Yarns in Hutchinson, KS.

Haven't felt to good this last week. Monday was downright horrible, Tues. I at least felt good enough to make it up to Salina for lunch with a couple of the knit girls then to Stitch N Bitch. Wednesday was much better and I managed to finally get a few things done I've been meaning too. Today I'm feeling fairly crapy again. Ah, well, this too shall pass.

Here are some interesting links I've come across.

Just how big is a billion? Awesome picture of Earth at the end and a great quote from Carl Sagan.

For my knit buddies out there. Use variegated yarn for lace!


ConsciouslyFrugal said...

Firefly. *sob* Dude, why do they keep breaking my heart by cancelling Joss Whedon's magic? WHY? WHY?!

Faren said...

I know, right? Fireflly is probably my favorite TV show. Even more than the new Doctor Who and that's saying something. I plan on doing a whole line of Firefly based yarn.

saharsolt said...

Love the Shindig! It's adorable.
I've been getting my Nathan fix with "Castle," my Adam fix with "Chuck" and Morena's the lead alien in the new "V" series. :)

Faren said...

But none of them are Firefly! :stomps feet:
Been watching V, caught Chuck once and it didn't do it for me. Haven't seen Castle though, I should try and catch it.
Thanks for the comment!

Dana said...

Ha! I didn't realize that I wrote on your blog as "SaharSolt." That's my daughter's e-mail account. lol

I know you were thinking, "Who's this chiming in?"

Faren said...

Ah, so that was you! Yeah, I had no idea.