Monday, April 7, 2008


Around here it has been lessons all the time, well, at all the time on the weekends anyway.  

I've now had two crochet lessons on Saturdays at Yarns.  Doing good, don't think I'll go back until(unless?) I have problems with a project.  Right now I'm working on this little birdy.   Finished all the crochet and am just sewing it together.  The only problems I have crocheting is making sure I'm using the right stitch.  I thought I was using single crochet when what I was doing was half double crochet.  Ah, well, it will come to me.  I'm having fun with it, but I can't really watch TV at the same time yet.  

On Sundays I have been teaching Karla how to knit.  Two lessons so far and she is  doing pretty well.  Her tension is mostly nice and even, not to loose, not to tight.  Though she did decide to redo her long tail cast on when she tried to knit a few! Her first project is a Mark scarf from the musical Rent.  It is really just the original Harry Potter scarf in navy and white.  I've had a lot of fun passing on the obsession! 

Next Saturday (I can't wait!) Ann and I are having our first spinning lesson!  Isn't that too cool? Remember the lady I met inline waiting for the Yarn Harlot?  Yeah, we are finally getting together.  I've been researching online and I think I know what most of the lingo is talking about.  Maidens, mother of all, footman, doesn't spinning have the coolest names for stuff? I have also been looking into wheels, I keep changing my mind but I've definitely narrowed it down to four.  Ashford Kiwi and Ashford Traveller are on the same page. Kromski Sonata and the original Lendrum.  Aren't they pretty?  First I wanted the Sonata, now I'm more leaning towards the Traveller.  I certainly won't buy any until I spin and I do want to go to the Yarn Barn in Lawrence and try some wheels out.  Hopefully the three of us can take a road trip up there soon.  

Last, but certainly not least, I will be teaching a couple of classes at Yarns.  That is just amazing, isn't it?  And just a little bit scary?  Yeah, I thought so too!  Carla(not Karla!) one of the owners will be teaching with me.  She will be doing knitting in the round with magic loop, I'll be doing it with double points.  Two small classes of just the basics and one on a Saturday on socks.  We are even going to the Italian restaurant two doors down for lunch.  I'm fairly excited about that too.

Well, I do have other stuff I want to share, but this is all the important stuff.  I've really enjoyed immersing myself in different fiber pursuits.  It's a wonderful world!


Marianne said...

Yay! You certainly are being busy with the lessons! and not just taking them but giving also? Congratulations!

Dana said...

First of all, your bird is adorable! I love all those "arigumi" (or however you spell it)/crocheted animals.

Congratulations Madame Professor. You'll be a great teacher! It sounds like you've got a bunch of projects going and all of them are good ones. Enjoy your spinning - - the wheels you mentioned are lovely!

MirandaLea said...

I heard you were giving Karla some knitting lessons. I'm glad to know that after teaching the apparently unteachable (me) you didn't give up. lol Maybe I will have to try again one day.

Those birds are adorable! I must make some for Nathan. Okay, okay, I really mean for me. :)

Faren said...

Actually, I'll take the blame for at least half your problems with learning to knit. I think I should have done it differently, and it was probably to soon after I learned to knit too. I would love to give it another go if you're willing. Or if you want to learn from someone else I'd understand that too!
I just finished mine tonight, I think it is so cute. I'm going to have to make more angmuri .... there's that spelling problem again!

Tober Kensai said...

First...I am sure you arent unteachable Miranda! I am still amazed i learned! LOL
Second...almost done with the scarf, i havent been able to knit for a while, missing it...feeling the withdrawls...