Monday, September 17, 2007

Knitting Weekend Part 2

Alright, I just finished the dishes so I can work on my Harlot post for awhile. About noon I received my ravelry invite, which was cruel because I couldn't spend all day browsing through it! But I shouldn't complain to much about two such great things happening on the same day. I did take quick glance around and it sure looks like fun! At 12:30 I was getting antsy, so I packed up my knitting bag and left.

I had the Grease soundtrack to keep me company because it is such a happy, silly cd. I got to Watermark books at 1:30, got my ticket and bought At Knit's End. I wanted to make sure and support the bookstore that brought the Harlot here. I already had Casts Off, but the others I had borrowed from the library, interlibrary loan works wonders. I figure the next time she is in the area I'll buy the other two, she has to come back sometime, right? Since they told me the school(where the talk was held) wouldn't open till 2:30 I headed across town to the yarn store(Twist) hoping there would be someone I knew there. No such luck and by the time I got there people started heading to the school. Which is very close to the book store. I felt like I should have skipped the yarn store, but there was a reason. Headed back across town, found the school and the right door. Found out that the school was already open and that I could have picked up my ticket and bought a book there. I could have just gone to the school and skipped driving all over town, but once again, there was a reason. I got to talking to the ladies around me. "Where are you from? What are you knitting? Oh, pretty. What am I knitting? " Squares for Ms. Knitingale's Miner's Project(which reminds me I need to get the button up!) The lady behind me mentioned she was from about 20-30 min. away from me and was knitting with her dog's hair that she had spun up. That grabbed my attention, I told her about wanting to try spinning and she said she would love teach me! I gave her a card with my blog addy on it and told her to contact me if she was serious. This morning I had an email from her! Hopefully the end of Oct. we can get together. What fun and we hadn't even seen the Harlot yet!

Finally got out of the hot line and into the auditorium and I saw all kinds of people I knew. The ladies from knit night at Yarns had a whole row. 2 seats they were saving for friends with one extra seat left over. Perfect! Must have been destined for me!
I think the first lady's name is Pam, then Jane 2 (I think) then Marleen's Mom(right?) and Marleen.

Jane 1 (co-owner of Yarns) on the left and Kitty, knitting instructor extraordiniare.

Laura is the pink with blue shawl with her two girls on the left of her.

Karla (other owner of Yarns) in the blue, Ann to the left of her. (jokers to the right, here I am, stuck here in the middle with you) sorry, had to do it.

Then Stephanie showed up and took sock pictures, see that white? It's her with the sock, really.
We actually had very good seats, 5th row with a clear shot to the podium. She is very funny and quite nice. I loved all the tales she told about her experiences with C.H.O.K. E. and how the tables got turned on the muggles involved. There was a lot of giggling going on and several times she had to stop talking to let us quit laughing. Loved her lists of different things too. All to soon it was over and she answered some questions from the audience. Someone asked if she knits continental or throw. She demonstrated her mixture of the two on the sock. Then said she learned by holding one needle under her arm (can't remember what it was called), then demonstrated that on a lady's garter stitch scarf. She was very fast doing it that way. Talked about how the fastest knitters in the world prop a needle under their arm, on their hip, or as in Shetland Cobweb knitting(another name was mentioned, Irish lace?) using a hip belt to prop it in. I wanted to tell her, but I totally forgot to, about knowing a lady that does Shetland lace. Techpriest fixed her computer, then at the Lindsborg Millfest I met her myself. Beautiful lace. Thinking about having her teach me how to do that.

Knit while waiting for my turn in line, didn't really take to long. I don't think I embarrassed myself, except when she said, "Let's take a picture." So I gave her the square and took a picture. She responded with "No, I wanted your picture." So I tried to give her my camera.

Yeah, brain fart. She did take my picture after we got the camera situation figured out. If she posts it, on a scale of 1-10 how dorky do you think I'll look? 5 being the average daily me. I'm thinking probably a 7, not horrible, but not good.

That was about it, headed home, and grabbed pizza for supper. By the way, Sat. Techpriest had chili wanting for me when I got home, isn't he the greatest? It was good too, and I don't really care for chili. Then finished up the night by watching a movie and starting to seam up the afghan I brought home from El Dorado.

Realized two things this morning. First, that for some reason blogger wasn't emailing me when someone commented. So I'm sorry I didn't thank everyone for commenting on the last couple of posts, I try to reply to every comment, but probably won't happen for awhile till I figure this out. Then, when I went to start this post I wondered why all my pictures were blurry. Maybe Stephanie's camera rubbed off on mine? Ah, no, I just had it on Marco. Sheesh.


Dana said...

Oh, I'm soooooo envious (but not in a bad way - - I'm happy for you). You had a marvelous day from the sounds of it all. I do hope the Harlot will hit our neck of the woods sometime. How cool was it to talk, give her your washcloth and just bask in all those knitterly vibes?

Your "brain fart" was cute and I'm sure you were not the first at all. Have a great one!

Faren said...

Part of the magic of the day was just having that many knitters in one place. It was nice to talk to her too. She mentioned how everything she knew about Kansas she learned from Dorthy and we talked about tornadoes for awhile.