Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And her name is Zoey

Hey all, thanks for all the good names, but I decided on Zoey. She is actually a pretty sweet little cat. She cuddles with us and plays with us and is starting to explore the house. More because she will "lose" us and then we play marco polo until she finds us again. She also will hear me coming in the door and will run to greet me and meow until I pick her up, very cute.

Speaking of cute, I picked this up at the Yarn Barn in Lawrence while we were there for my cousin's wedding. Great place, I had a hard time deciding what to get, but finally choose this beautiful koigu, since Yarns in Salina doesn't carry it.

I've been wanting to get some non wool sock yarn and almost got some Tutfooties (sp?) at the Yarn Barn. I'm so glad I didn't. Because this was waiting for me at Twist in Wichita.

The color(wisteria) drew me first, I picked it up and thought "Hey, wait a minute. Sugar Bunny Boulevard? I know her!" Then I really had to get it, THEN I noticed it was a bamboo/cotton/nylon mix, and I knew it was destined for me. I haven't knitted it yet, but it is nice and soft and springy and so pretty, I love it Laura!

And this is my contribution to the Yarn Harlot's quest to get a square from every state and providence. Knowing my luck she probably already has ten of the silly things. Pattern from here. I did change it a little so that Kansas actually looks like a rectangle with a bite taken out like it is supposed to. Can you see it? Squint your eyes and turn your head. The state is at the top and KS is at the bottom. You really can see it good in real life. Wonderful yarn (isn't it pretty? I love knitting with this stuff) from here. Oh, no, she doesn't have any yarn for sale! Go back through her sold items and take a look at her yarn, so pretty.

Ah, no, it is NOT a willy warmer, why do you ask? It is supposed to be a golf club cover for Techpriest's uncle. I made him one last year and do not remember it looking like this. Oh, well, since I didn't notice it till I took the picture, maybe he won't notice it at all. Got the pattern from Lion Brand's website, hopefully the link will actually take you the right page.

The seaming party for the Greensburg project is on Sat and the Yarn Harlot is Sun. I think I might print up a few cards with my blog address on them, wonder if it will actually happen? Don't think I'll have anyone to go with me, but I'll still have loads of fun. I'm going up to Salina tonight, see if any of those ladies can make it. And I kinda miss them, I haven't been driving up there since the knitting group here got started. I also need to see about buying some yarn for a pair of fetching for Techpriest's Aunt (wife of the uncle who is getting the phallic symbol for Christmas) and yarn for the little Weasley Sweater ornaments from Charmed Knits. No link, I'm holding the kitty, and I'm also just plain linked out. I didn't tell you I bought that, did I? It was during my blogging hiatus. Good book, if you want more info, just holler at me.

Well,until next time, true believers....

(yes, we do watch Who Wants to be Superhero, how did you guess?)


Charity said...

Love that lavendar yarn, and I'm so jealous of the Koigu! I've been longing to get my hands on some. :0)

Kit said...

You visited the Yarn Barn and didn't give me a poke? Tsk! ;)

Nice yarn choices, it's beautiful.

Marianne said...

YUM, the Sugar Bunny yarn is gorgeous! as is the Koigu!

Have fun this weekend, sounds absolutely wonderful!

Criquette said...

Congrats on the precious new addition to your family. All knitters should have at least one cat. They are so good at making sure the yarn is safe enough for you to work with! I'll be looking for you on Saturday.

Faren said...

I wish you all could feel the yarn through the monitor! Very yummy!
Kit: Ah, 'cause I didn't remember where you lived. You don't mean you work at the Yarn Barn do ya? I would like to think I would have remembered THAT at least! Sorry about that, I would have loved to meet you!
criquette: Oh, is that what they are doing? So they are just looking out for us, huh? Good to know. You are going to the Greensburg seaming party? That's great! Can't wait to see you!

Karla said...

Love the name!
Love the Yarn!