Saturday, September 1, 2007

Farmer's Market

Looks good don't it? This is the haul from the farmer's market today. From 12:00, watermelon of course, honey oat bread, banana bread(already gone, quite yummy), tomatoes, a peach from a basket of peaches I bought last Sat. They are yummy too) and Blackberry jam. I've bought the jam before so I know it is good.

I took pictures of these, planning on posting about them, just hasn't happened.

I had to post this picture, he was actually kinda cute. I figured if the broccoli was good enough for him it was good enough for me. Though I heard you had to soak fresh broccoli in salt water to get all the bugs out of it, so I looked it up on the internet and yup, it's true.

I've bought a lot of tomatoes and bread this year at the farmers market. I'm hoping I can find a source for bread for the winter, I don't think I can last without homemade bread!


Criquette said...

Or you could skip the soaking in salty water, cook it up critters and all and have some extra protein! Glad you're back online!

Marianne said...

Heh, what criquette said!
Mmmm, it all looks SO good, and ya know what? Baking bread is not that's easy!
I would not kid you...very simple and easy.

Holly said...

I love my bread machine. Throw in the ingredients and walk away. It can even be put on delay.

Faren said...

I actually have a bread machine, I haven't used it in awhile though. I should get back in the habit.
I could use the extra protein, and I bet I wouldn't even notice the bugs getting stuck in my teeth, it is broccoli after all!

Dana said...

Mmmmm...all those goodies look great! Homemade bread is a beautiful thing (been years since I've had it) and the jam...yum!

Glad to see you're back and hope the hubby's doing better. XOXO