Thursday, September 20, 2007

Answers to Comments

I think Zoey must have been mistreated. Besides what the vet said, I've seen evidence of it too. While playing with her I clapped my hands and she freaked. Seeing how confident she is now compared to when we got her says a lot. She knows we won't leave her, won't drop her,etc.
She is small, that is a women's 8 1/2 shoe, but I think she is a little bigger than she was. Yeah, we've had rats with tumors, senile ferrets and now a cat with a hernia, the vet sure does know us!

Isn't the Harlot fast? She seemed even faster when she propped that needle under her arm, if you can believe that! Don't worry, Dana, I'm slow compared to her too!

No matter how good a writer they get to finish off Robert Jordan's next book, it won't be him, so it won't be the same story. Feels like the death of that world too.

Dana, I haven't read the Golden Compass, but my husband has. I keep planning on reading it, just hasn't happened yet.


Holly said...

Wow! Such a little kitten and some abused. People are so sick.

Dana said...

Your Golden Compass is my Firefly. I keep meaning to buy the DVD collection (and I really, really want it), but stuff keeps popping up (like new tires, brakes et al). :) It's in the "eventually I'll get to it" category.

Have a great one!

Faren said...

Holly: yeah, people continue to amaze me...but she seems to be doing good, certainly
is tearing the house up.

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