Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random Wednesday

  • Robert Jordan (fantasy author of The Wheel of Time series) has passed away. Those of his fans that have actually made it through all eleven of his books and are fiendishly awaiting the last one will be glad to know that he has it made plans for others to finish the story. So we might find out what happens to Rand, Perrin, Mat, et al, but it won't be the same. No one could tell the story like Jordan. Or not tell it, since didn't it seem like sometimes the plot wasn't moving at all? I still enjoyed it though. I wonder what the series would have been like if he hadn't have gotten sick? Seems like there is a lot to wrap up in one book.
  • Here is a comic about it. And here is an essay for why you shouldn't be offended by it. For the two people that reads this blog that might be interested. :)
  • For the knitters: A demonstration of Stephanie knitting Irish Cottage style. Very interesting.
  • Back to fantasy authors, Madeleine Le'Engle passed away earlier this month, the Times has a good article. Her fantasy books are classics, The Wind Through the Door was the first I read that had a teenage girl as the hero, at the time I needed that.
  • Apparently knitting needles are dangerous to public safety.

  • Zoey went to the vet yesterday. For her weepy eyes she has drops until they are better. I already see a difference. She has a parasite so she gets antibiotics for 10 days. She also has a fairly big hernia that will need surgery. In two months she should be big enough to handle the anesthesia. Most hernias, specially one this big in this young of cat, are caused by blows to the kitten. Sounds like it was a good thing they did get dumped, better than them living with the people that did that.
  • The McPherson Scottish Festival is this weekend! If you are in the area you might check it out, should be lots of fun!
  • That it all I can think of for right now, but it seems like there was something else I wanted to mention...


Chris said...

Oh, Zooey is adorable!! *squeeeee*

Marianne said...

Zoey is so cute... poor baby, she was terribly mistreated by someone/something?

Thanks for the Harlot video, enjoyed it very much.

Dana said...

In a nutshell, I'd say this is a sad week. I read what you wrote about Robert Jordan and then read the comic and article. Reading what the article author wrote, e.g. 'if JK Rowling had been hit by a bus,' I know that I would've been walking around like a zombie myself. It's sad to think of how many sorrowful people there are right now.

It's a shame about Miss Zoey and her former treatment/current medical needs. I hope she does well during her hernia procedure. She's looks so precious in your photos and with her head in the shoe, I really got a perspective on how tiny she is! Thank goodness you found each other.

Harlot knitting. She really is an amazing knitter and I was floored by how fast she could knit/purl. Me? I'm like lumbering three legged bear compared to her. :)

Speaking of bears, I just finished (this morning before work) The Golden Compass. Subtle Knife & Amber Spyglass are at home waiting for me. It was you who said how good they are, right?

MirandaLea said...

I was so sad when I hear that Madeliene L'Engle died! "A Wrinkle In Time" was one of my favorite books growing up. I must've read it 12 times.

That kitty sure is a cutie! You always seem to end up with pets that need that extra special care. I think that's not a coincidence. Someone knows you're up for it.

Julie said...

I can't, for the life of me, understand how anyone could hurt such an innocent little creature! Zoey is adorable; she reminds me of my Cindy when we got her last year. She was only 2 1/2 pounds (we won't talk about how much she needs to be on a diet now).

Faren said...

Julie: I know, sad isn't it? But she found her way to us, so all's well that ends
well. :)