Friday, September 7, 2007

S stand for

Hey all, I was planning on posting last weekend....yeah, that worked. I did take all the pictures and got them in the computer, just never blogged about them!

First up is Nathan's Christmas Stocking. This was the project for the Intarsia class I took at Yarns. Another great class with a great teacher and good people. The teacher has knit 30 of these stockings for all of her family. I'm debating on whether to do the same or change charts for every person. What do you all think? The teacher was given this pattern from the lady she learned to knit from, who got it from her grandmother....I think, it was a cool story anyway.

Kinda cute, isn't he? Hasn't been blocked, I'm sure you could tell. I hope blocking gets rid of some of the wonkiness, but I'm not going to worry about it. If I feel like knitting him another one 5 years from now, fine, but not anytime soon. Want to see the back? Here ya go.

I shouldn't have carried the red across his hat and face, but I missed that note on the chart, but I did look! I kept thinking that it would be easier if I didn't have to worry about the red, but that didn't clue me in. That was around the point I wanted to take a picture of all the bobbins hanging down and bitch to you all. I wasn't sure I would ever knit intarsia again. I think I'm good now though. Oh, and notice the knot? The teacher did that after saying adamantly both classes I've had with her "NO KNOTS!" There is always an exception to every rule, isn't there? This was actually a nice, quick knit after I figured out what I was doing.

Pattern: Grandma Chan's Christmas Stocking
Yarn: Galway worsted weight 210 yds in color 1, 44, and 82 (love those color names, doncha?)and the yarn store gave each of us a little ball of black
Needles: Knitpicks options size 8 (why has everything I've knit lately needed an 8?)

Next up, Techpriest's Dr. Who scarf. I have been knitting on this thing for at least a couple of years. It wasn't too long after I started knitting.

Yeah, it looks like a mug shot, don't it? Techpriest is apparently one of those people that doesn't smile for pictures, though he did offer to pose for me. And yes, we know that in the show the scarf was much, much longer, we both decided our version didn't need to be able to wrap around his neck quite so many times, I ended up using less than half the pattern they provide. This is the only thing he has asked me to knit for him (I have done some sewing for him though), so I'm glad I finally got it done. When he first thought of it, we thought we would have to rent the old Dr. Who series and try to figure the pattern out for ourselves. On a whim though I decided to google Doctor Who scarf, this is proof that you can find anything on the internet. I used the pattern from season 18, it was the one we both remembered Dr. Who wearing. I wish I had found darker colors to match better.

What's wrong with this picture? The end on the very left is the bind off, the orangish end next to it is the cast on...what happened? I did buy new skeins of yarn, but I swear it was the same yarn, was it that I changed needles from a Susan Bates size 8 to a Knitpicks size 8? Yeah, there is that 8 again. Did my tension just loosen up that much over the years? Odd, but I'm not gonna do a thing about it. I'm not one of those perfectionist knitters am I? I'm just glad it is done. I think I'm halfway between a process knitter and a project knitter. If I didn't like the process I wouldn't do it, but I certainly want that project at the end, and if the end takes to long to get here I get antsy.

Pattern: Season 18 Dr. Who Scarf from
Yarn: TLC worsted in Dark Plum, Red Heart worsted in Burgundy and Claret. I don't want to hear it, there are some(ok, one or two) projects Red Heart is ok for. I had just started knitting, I was broke, and this is a huge project, it works for this.
Needles: Started with a Boye size 8 from the needlemaster set, then went to Knitpicks options 8. So, so much better, they are worlds apart.

I think I'm gonna stop there, though I still have a lot to catch up on. Two more FO's and yarn p*rn, next on Faren's Lair!


Marianne said...

That stocking is FABULOUS!!! Love the Snowman! and I think you did a great job of it too. Look at you!

The Dr. Who scarf is fab also... seems PLENTY long to me... and hey, you (or anyone else) should never feel bad about the yarn they use...I made sweaters for the kids when they were little using acrylic because? yep, no money, I was feeling pretty flush to be able to buy the acrylic! We use the best we're able to afford, that's all we can do.
What it all comes down to (for me) is the very act of knitting. Using our hands and creating something. That's what connects us all together, ain't life grand?

Karen said...

I love the stocking!!! Wow, what a terrific job you did. Intarsia still scares me.

Dana said...

Your intarsia stocking and Dr. Who scarf are wonderful! I really like your idea of giving the stockings as gifts. In fact, you could beat new parents to the punch & give one as a baby gift.

The scarf colors are fantastic and it looks wonderful on Techpriest. Great work!!