Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Member of the Family

It is all Karla's fault. Techpriest and I headed to Hutch today to go to the state fair, but he had to work on someone's webpage before that so I dropped by to see Karla. She had had 5 kittens basically just dropped off at her place. They really are to young to be separated from momma, about 3 weeks we think, but they should manage. They were just to cute to resist. We had been talking about getting a cat, but were thinking about getting an adult cat. Less work and you can tell their personality.

This little lady has been very vocal today, I hope tomorrow she will have calmed down a bit. She has played with us though, as you can see she likes yarn. Techpriest is training her into a yarn attack cat. We have been trying to come up with a name based on Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Zoey from both Firefly and Eureka, Fiona or Fi from Burn Notice(no, it isn't sci-fi, but both the character and the cat are crazy, so it fits), Susannah from Stephen King's the Dark Tower series. And of course, Techpriest really thinks we should name her Cheezburger, from I can has Cheezburger. So, which name do you prefer? Do NOT tell me Cheezburger, I beg of you. Or can you think of any good ones? Dana, any ideas?


Marianne said...

Oh, she's cute alright....names... I'm horrible at names...or rather I think the little beasties let their names come to me...I've had a (for cats):
Spookie and currently
Smoochie aka The Smooch

Good luck with that!

Kit said...

I'm a fan of Zoe, definitely a good sort of name for a cat.

Dana said...

Congratulations on your kitten. She's lovely! (Pinch Techpriest about that 'yarn attack' training - - I have a cat that does that and she only jumps the really nice $$$ fibers, not the acrylics).

I like the name "Zoey" alot (no Cheezburger here). The Firefly/Eureka (love that show too) cross reference is neat. Another possibility is an HP name. Lily? Nymphadora? Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will suit her perfectly.

Faren said...

Thanks Kit! So far that is the way I'm leaning too. Unless someone comes up with a brilliant name I can't resist, I think that's going to be her name.
Dana mentioned Nymphadora from HP, who goes by the name of Tonks...and she's clumsy. I'll have to think about this.

Holly said...

That is a really cute kitten. My dog attacks yarn, only the good stuff as well. It's not a good trait.

My son gets to name our animals now. I'm of no help. Although I was quite proud that, at 4, he took the name for the dog from Phantom Tollbooth (Arrow).

MirandaLea said...

What a cutie!! We'll have to get our babies together! I immediately thought of "Tonks" as an adorable kitty name, but I like Zoey, too. Cheezburger might make you hungry everytime you talk to her. lol

Karla said...

It was so nice to come to the website and claim it is MY FAULT for allowing Zoey into your life. She is such a precious little girl. Kaylie Inara was not to happy that I was talking about the babies again. I tell you cats can be so fickle.
Thanks again so much for giving her what will be a great home. Plus, I might get to see her once in a while. She is so cute!!!!

Julie said...

OH MY! That kitty is sooooo sweet!