Saturday, September 15, 2007

Knitting Weekend Part 1

Let's see how far I get before I run out of steam. I'm tired, t-i-r-e-d. It has been a very long, fun day. Got up at 7, early for me, left at 8:30 right after it stopped raining cats and dogs, though it did rain some on the way down. I have decided there are to many churches on that particular street in El Dorado. "There's a church, is that it? No, that's a Lutheran, don't need a Lutheran church, I need a Baptist church. There's another one, how about it? Nope, First Christian, not First Baptist, I don't think that is close enough to count." This went on for at least 7 churches, and no, I am NOT exaggerating, really! But I found it, before 10 even, and recognized one of Laura's daughter's right off, so I knew I was in the right place. Like the bags and bags of afghan squares didn't clue me in. Went and introduced myself to Laura, grabbed a hug from her and a bag of squares, and waited for my 3 partners in crime. There were about 4 people to an afghan, and that did work very well. Becca was from the Wichita Knit in Public group and Cheryl and Barb were from the church. After Becca had to leave, a nice older lady from the church joined us, we had a few laughs with her too. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to forget about taking a picture of these last three, but somehow I don't think they mind! All these ladies were great, we had a very good time.
This is Becca starting to seam up the rows. We each knit 8 blocks together, then seamed the rows. Laura is in the green shirt checking out our beautiful afghan.

Except for Laura, I have no idea who these ladies are.

One of Laura's daughter on the left, and the lady on the right came from the farthest away, so won a fabulous basket of goodies.

Laura laying out her squares, I don't think she even had time to start seaming it. She was kept pretty busy all day. First setting all of us up and getting all the cookies, banana bread(Cheryl made a great banana bread, it had chocolate chips in it!), etc out. After a round to see all the afghans it was about time for lunch. Which was a pretty good spread, all kinds of sandwiches, Laura made a great beef and veggie soup, Barb brought a wonderful pasta salad and they had quite a few other side dishes.
Then not one, but TWO news crews interviewed Laura! The second crew said they didn't even have to ask her anything she had gone over everything so well. She looked like a pro doing it. Both at the time and seeing her on the news when I got home! It was pretty neat. It only lasted maybe 3-5 minutes on air, but I didn't really expect much more, hoped for, but didn't except any more. I'm just glad they covered it at all. We taped the one, the other channel said they would put it in their archives, so who knows when it will air. Techpriest says he should be able to get it up on youtube if you can't Laura, let me know.

Our first afghan all finished. See that line of green squares down the middle, that is a design feature that is. We were basically just pulling squares out of the bag and it was working good... until we got to the bottom of the bag. Oh, and I almost forgot! From the bottom, second row up, fourth from the left, the light purplish one? I knitted that and I seamed it up. Out of 4600 odd squares, I not only picked up that bag but also grabbed a stack to seam up that included it. I thought that was quite a coincidence until Criquette said she found a couple of her squares too.

Laura, me and Criquette! It was so good to meet these two. I wish we had had more time to talk, but I loved spending time with my partners too. I bet we will get another chance to see each other. I wish I had a better picture for both me and Laura, ah well.

She had some great prizes lined up. All lot of skeins of yarn, mostly sock yarn, all of it pretty. Then this great basket of dishcloth yarn with the Mason Dixon book, I coveted it.

And then this great big basket for the lady that drove the farthest, it had a lot of amazing things in it.

Our second afghan, it went a little quicker once we knew what we were doing! But two were all we managed. Unfortunately, not as many people as we were hoping showed up maybe 30 in all.
We did all have a lot of fun! Every time a group finished an afghan we all cheered and clapped, there was an awful lot of giggling going on too.

I won a door prize too! Lorna's Laces Angel 70% Angora and 30% lambswool. Would you believe that angora is actually as soft as everyone says it is? I didn't realize what the fuss was all about till I felt it. Criquette said she heard us all having a yarngasm over it. That is a fairly accurate description.

Ok, that's it. If I missed anything, I'm sorry, but tonight, this is all I am capable of. I'm not even gonna proof read it. Nighty, night!


Charity said...

Sounds like an amazing time! :0)

Marianne said...

Sounds like a really good time! The blankies are beautiful!

Julie said...

Sounds like a good time! What beautiful afghans; they are really going to make some families very happy.

Dana said...

What a great day! The afghans are beautiful and it was wonderful of you to jump into the project. Pat yourself on the back.

Have fun with the Lorna's; it looks awesome.