Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How funny

Saw this over at Twosheep and thought I needed to post it. I've been wanting to figure out how to post youtube videos anyway. I might just have to go grab a couple of Nathan videos from Miranda's blog.

These two are the funny ones, the ones you just had to see.

Edited to Add:

Dana successfully showed off two youtube videos also! If you are into knitting go check them out! In the comments Marianne asked how she did that, so I thought it might be a good idea to put some instructions up.

If the video plays on the blog: after it is finished there will be a button that says embed, click on it and a new button will come up that says copy to clipboard. Click on that button, then paste into your blog post. ctrl+v is the easiest way to paste.

If it takes you to the youtube website: after it is done playing to the right of the video in the top box it will say embed. You need to highlight the words next to it(make sure you get them all) and copy them. The easiest way to copy is to hit ctrl+c. Then just paste it into your blog post by hitting ctrl +v (don't ask me why it isn't ctrl +p, that makes more sense to me too)

Hope this helps, any questions or advice is welcome!


Karla said...

Nathan has grown up so much, so adorable. He's so darn cute!
Too cute, wish I would have thought of videotaping moments like that.
That kitty video was hilarious too!!!

Dana said...

Those were a riot! Nathan eating spaghetti (or more specifically, trying to eat it with everyone laughing at him and distracting him) was hilarious! The 'raspberry' video was very cute too.

Marianne said...


MirandaLea said...

What a gorgeous little nephew you have there!! :)

Now we'll be expecting some Zoey videos since you've got the hang of it. BTW, it can't be Ctrl P, cuz that's the shortcut for Print. lol

Criquette said...

Love the videos - who can resist cute kids or kitties? I am so going to steal this for my blog. And thanks for the tutorial.

I am going to look for you at the seaming party so I can meet you in person. I am average height and size with short, dark hair. I won't tell you my age, but let's just say I wore bell-bottoms when they first were in style. Look for me!