Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Busy Day!

I've had a very busy day for me! I couldn't get started till after lunch, but since then I've been going. Well, I did get up early for me and went to Curves. Tuesday is laundry day, which means the laundromat. Now, usually it isn't all that bad.We live close enough, and this is a small enough town that I do go home between machines. Today, I thanked every god and goddess out there. And some that don't exist, just to cover all my bases!

I like children, really I do! It is their parents I can't stand. These kids were in the way constantly. In the aisles, sitting in front of the doors, sitting on the washing machine my clothes were in. Sure, once I needed in there his mother yelled at him, but not a word before then! They started fighting too. And why does both parents and the grandmother all need to come to the laundromat? I didn't realize it was such a gathering place. Why can't someone stay home with the kids so they don't drive everyone crazy? In contrast, there was a little girl sitting beside her mother calmly and quietly coloring away. At least there are a few good ones out there.

Then hubby came home early so we could take the ferrets to the vets. I'll try to post about them some other time. We wanted to see why they were still alive. Actually, they are very old and not doing too well, but we wanted to make sure there wasn't anything we could do for them.
Nope, nothing, just try to keep them comfortable.

Then, we did eat out, yay, I didn't have to cook! Back to the house for a quick break. Time for a pack of peas for me. Then back out for grocery shopping...big grocery shopping. At least I had made a list. And there wasn't any horrible parents there. So, came home and put everything away, realized I hadn't put the laundry away, said screw it, and watched Red Dwarf and knitted for awhile.

Forgot about it again(out of sight, out of mind), remembered it again(ah, crap), finally got them put up. Then I could actually come blog! Now I'm off to catch up with my bloglines.

Oh, if your email isn't in your profile I'm just going to answer your comment with another comment. So if you don't see a thank you in your inbox that is why! Hope that is ok.


Miranda said...

Hey SIL! I'm excited to have another blog to keep up with. It makes me want to fire mine back up.

BTW, I promise to never let the Tadpole act the fool in public like that, especially in a laundromat. lol

Marianne said...

Yep, I've always said..."Some kids' parents..."

Faren said...

Hey miranda, I was wondering when you would check your email! :) I wish you would start back up, I always enjoyed reading your posts!
I've alway been pretty confident that you and brian would make Tadpole behave, but I'm sure that my mom and your mom will make sure that he doesn't behave that way!
marianne, isn't that the truth!

CilesMom said...

Wow..I am so glad I am not the only one who is frustrated by that and Cile has has some CrAzY moments, then again, my mom always threatened to put me in the front loading washer if I didnt behave. Oh life before parents were afraid to discipline! I admit my son is not perfect, but it has the be the red hair. LOL
Love the whole Tadpole thing, that is soooo cute!!