Friday, June 15, 2007


Sorry it has been a few days, I got distracted. Wed. was Knit Night at the Salina yarn store and I just didn't get around to posting in the afternoon. Everyone thought that Miranda's sock was turning out good. I'll probably end up having her try it on, but just in case I'm not posting a picture. I'm ready to start the short row heel, so time to see how it works!

These are the blocks I've made for Greensburg. The two pink-purplish ones on the left are made out of yarn I received in a swap and I can't believe how much straw was in it! It did look handspun. The purple yarn is Cascade 220, and the little bit of blue in the purple block is beautiful handspun yarn from another swap, it was my first taste of handspun. The block on the upper right I made ages ago for practice out of Red Heart, so between the two I don't think it is up to snuff. Occasionally, I do use Red Heart, like the Dr. Who Scarf, but I just don't like this block.

The pattern for these two blocks(and many others) can be found here. I really like the way they turned out, specially after blocking.

Thursday I went to Hutchinson all afternoon and saw my nephew Nathan(tadpole), and since Miranda said it was ok, here is a picture of him. My dad is holding him either the day he was born or the next day. Oh, he was born on his Daddy's birthday! Isn't that neat? I always think of this picture as Grandpa's Hands.
Then last night we watched Ghost Rider, pretty good movie.
Talk to you all later!


Marianne said...

Great blankie squares!
And Nathan is a beautiful baby boy!

Faren said...

Isn't he though? :)
I'm not at all prejudiced!

Miranda said...

That sure is one gorgeous boy! lol I love the USA and the LOVE block you made! Very impressive. Maybe one day I'll try the whole two-needle thing again. Until then I'll just stick to the hook. :)

Charity said...

Oooooh, just looook at that baby! I'm getting all broody checking out that photo! :0)

Very nice squares!