Sunday, June 10, 2007

Greensburg Tornado

Since I have insomnia(again) I figured I would post about Greensburg. A town of about 1500, it was wiped off the map by a tornado on May 4. And I do mean wiped off the map, see some photos here. Ten people were killed by the tornado in Greensburg, with another two outside of town. These people didn't just lose their homes, but their whole town, their whole way of life.
The Kiowa County Signal (Greensburg newspaper) has a list of ways to help if you can.

But I'm really here to promote Rebuilding Greensburg: block by block. It is being put together by Laura of Sugar Bunny Boulevard. Here is the main post about it. She has the ambitious goal (well she did already up the goal) of collecting 2240 afghan blocks and seaming them into afghans for 40 Greensburg families. I had to knit for this, it is their whole town, it seems like it is right next door, and it really could have happened to my town just as easily. So, I already have 5 squares done. Why don't you pick up your needles and knit a square or two? It really won't take long at all. They actually get kinda addictive! If you don't want to knit a plain garter stitch bias square here is a website that has some neat free patterns.
Thanks muchly!


Laura said...

Welcome to the Kansas Knit Bloggers Webring!! Yay! Thank you for joining!

And Congratulations on your new BLOG!! Now bring on that sock knitting grrrrrlll!!! I hope you'll show lots of pictures of your projects. :)

Faren said...

Yeah, I plan on taking some pictures today, need to get my but in gear!