Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Tika just passed away. I thought she was going to go sometime in the night, but she was still here when DH got up at 5 to check on her. She was still hanging on before he left for work at 8:30. After I finally talk him into putting her to sleep, she is gone when I check on her before calling the vet.

I feel guilty because I wasn't holding her, but I was getting ready to take her to the vet. Yesterday she wasn't eating or drinking at all, she would move her head away from it. When we got back from the circus, she had somehow managed to crawl on top of the blankets(without disturbing them at all, I found it very strange) and was so cold and unresponsive. If we had been gone a little longer she might have died then. She finally warmed by after using the rice pack over and over. We did hold her all last evening. She was so unresponsive DH thought she was in a coma, she might have been. He figured if she wasn't in pain not to put her to sleep, but I just hated to see her that way.

We certainly will miss her. To see more pictures and read more stories about her go here.


Tracy said...

I'm so sorry, I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I could tell from the way you talked about her that you truly cared for her well and she had a good life.

Faren said...

Thank you so much Tracy. We buried her tonight at my parents, since we live in an apt. It seems so strange not to have her around. Even though she had been sleeping most of the time, it seems quieter already.

Miranda said...

So sorry, Nell! We'll have to come over and hide your embroidery thread under the bed so you won't miss her so much.

Faren said...

That is so thoughtful of you, Miranda, we would really appreciate that!