Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All about Harry

I managed to finish (re)reading the 5th book in time to see the movie on Thursday and finished the 6th book Monday I think. No one who knows me doubted I could get these reread in time, reading books is just a talent of mine. The first time I read OtP(5) I didn't like it at all. Harry was too whiny and taking everything out on Ron and Hermione. This time around I did like it better, but it was still my least favorite book. I liked the movie, it was pretty good, they left out all the teen angst! It seemed a little chopped up,(who can really blame them trying to cram that huge book into movie length?) but Techpriest didn't mention it, so maybe it just seemed that way since I knew what was in the book. I was continually surprised, it seemed that though they got to the same place as the book, they took an entirely different path to get there. Once again, from cramming the book into movie length. Go see it!

Yarn-A-Go-Go mentioned her sister(I think) plays in a band called Knockturn Alley that has original Harry Potter songs. Intriguing, yes? Good songs, specially Slytherin and Hey, Hufflepuff.

From there I checked The Parselmouths out, quite good, my favorites are Love Song for Professor, and What kind of name is Hermione?

I think I need help, I'm gonna be surfing and listening to Harry Potter fanmusic for a while....
I need money too, so I can buy some stuff, fun stuff

Edit: Look at this list of Wizard Rock Groups! (yes, that is what they call themselves)
Looks like I'll be busy!


MirandaLea said...

I'm so glad they got rid of the "whiney-butt Harry" as we've come to call him. That really made the OofP hard for me to get into. I know teenagers have their phases like that, but who wants to read about it? lol

Dana said...

Ha! Another adult devotee to HP; I'm thrilled! Sooooo, where will you be at 12:01 tomorrow night? Me? Walmart.

In a moment of weakness, I did read the Hallows spoilers that were on the news sites yesterday and rather than disappointing me, they whetted my appetite for more. LOL

Happy reading this weekend!

Dana said...

P.S. When I read your profile, I laughed out loud. When I say, "Serenity" and "Dogma", people look at me like, "Huh? They were films?"

I have all the HPs'and LOTRs'too. We have great taste! ;)

Laura said...

Yay for HP! Whew, I was at Borders tonight and felt quite thankful that I don't have kids that are crazy about the HP books yet!! I did NOT stay until midnight for the book. I brought home some knitting books instead. hehe

OH, by the way... every time I reply to your comments on my blog, they're BOUNCED BACK!! What's up with that girly??