Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stupid socks!

These darn socks of Miranda's are going to kill me, I swear! I found different short row heel instructions here worked pretty good, I'm happy enough with it. So I started cruisin up the cuff with my little cable pattern happy as a clam. One minor opps, 4 rows down I forgot to cross a cable, no big deal, dropped the four stitches down, crossed them, brought them back up, no problem. She only wants a 3 inch cuff so finished pretty quickly and bound off.

Now, the last time I knitted a sock toe up(magic 8 cast on with a reverse gusset/heel flap) I had a problem finding a bind off that was stretchy enough for me. I don't know how many I went through, but do you think I would be smart enough to print it off, bookmark it or something? Anything? Nope, not me, apparently I never thought I would want to knit a sock toe up again, or even more unlikely, that I would actually remember the silly thing. So I go a googling, find one that seemed familiar and started. No....it wasn't EZ's sewn bind off, though I had tried it the last time around. How about the next one? Nope not that one either, though that one was a down right bugger to pick out. Finally I find the right one (4th post down by Spinnerella)I am postive that is the same one I used last time, but the stupid sock still won't go over my heel.

What in the world is wrong with the silly thing? Does the cable pattern make it too tight? Should I add more stitches after the heel? I put it down before I would have to hurt somebody. I tried to complain to Techpriest about it, but it just isn't the same when they have no idea what you are talking about. I put it out of my mind(as much as I could) until I was reading my bloglines and I came across Wendy's post today(July 3, 2007), where she answered a commenter's question that had the same problem I do. The heel isn't deep enough, the solution? Frog all the way back to the start of the heel and do one of three things. Knit a gusset heel, a short row gusset, or knit a short row heel over more the half the stitches. Did you catch the part about ripping all my hard work out? Including the heel I worked so hard on three different times?

I'll get over it, I try to remember that I like knitting, so this just gives me more to knit right? I try to forget that if I had done a traditional heel I most likely would have finished this sock already. If I don't try something new I'll never learn anything. You all should feel sorry for Miranda, who knows what these socks are going to look like by the time I'm done?

Friday was fairly bad for me, my headache reached a 8 on the Richter scale. It took till today to get almost back to normal levels. I still went to Hutch Saturday to see Angie and Pearl, two friends of mine that I don't see enough off. Wait, that is would be all of my friends, wouldn't it? I see these two even less. It probably has been years since we really have gotten together and talked. I enjoyed it, but with the headache I really couldn't relax and enjoy it like I wanted too. I had to leave early too, before I couldn't drive the 30 minutes back home. Been having problems going to sleep too. I really don't want to get back in the habit of staying up late and sleeping late, I never get anything done.

Enough with the bitching, yes? Tomorrow we plan on going to my mom and dads to bbq. Brian, Miranda and Nathan should be there too. Baby time! I plan on making deviled eggs, yummy.

Hope everyone has a good 4th of July!

Cute couple aren't they? That's Miranda by the way, the new mommy with the stupid socks! :P


MirandaLea said...

My socks and I are famous! lol I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with them. Maybe you could just make some leg warmers? No heel in those! And who doesn't miss leg warmers? Flashdance here I come!

Marianne said...

Cute couple, indeed!

One of the reasons I've never made the short row heel...I have a high arch,(as do most of my family members and friends)and must go with longer heel flap anyway....plus I think they last longer.

Happy 4th!

Faren said...

No, no, I like knitting really Miranda. I can always go back to what I know if I give up on the short row heel. Plus, I'm not ripping out all of it, so you are at least getting the toe and foot portion of the sock. Don't know what good it is going to do ya, but you are getting it!