Saturday, July 7, 2007

New look

Hey, like the new look? Miranda made me a very sweet header, didn't she? I picked out the pictures, but everything else she choose for me. Does she know me or what? Someday I might search for a good Firefly quote. Specially as now that I think about it, I seem to recall seeing this quote on some other knitting blog. I'm not really going to worry about it though. I will feel like reading Firefly quotes sometime.

Speaking of Firefly quotes, has anyone noticed the quote widget at the bottom of the blog? It is only one a day though, I was looking for one that refreshed, oh well.

Techpriest doesn't seem to think that is a very good picture of Nathan, says he has weird shadows on him because of the angle, what do you guys think? Course, Techpriest also says Nathan looks like MiniMe from Austin Powers, so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

I've ripped back past the heel of Miranda's sock, but haven't started knitting the heel again. Haven't knitted at all, I'll get back to it soon. I decided to start reading Harry Potter OotP and HBP so I'm ready when the next book comes out. I'm wondering if I'll get them finished in time.

Well I think that is all I have for now. I'll leave you with this picture of Nathan that hubby really thinks looks like MiniME. It is kinda funny, he looks soo pissed!


Marianne said...

Nathan, dude,.....
Of course he's pissed, who put that tie on him?!?

I like the new look!

Faren said...

I think his mommy did for his baptism, yeah, he was probably just mad that he had to wear a monkey suit.

Thank you!

MirandaLea said...

I think he looked adorable in his monkey suit! His Anutie M picked it out. Hubby says Nathan is waaay cuter than Mini Me. Tell Techpriest he'd better watch out. If he keeps up the all-bald-guys-look-alike attitude, he's going to have some bad dudes after him: Mr. Clean, Billy Blanks, Voldemort... lol

Faren said...

DH had to laugh. That picture of Nathan is funny just because he is so pissed. He does look cute in his outfit, I'll have to post one of the pictures where he is happy in it.

Ms. Knitingale said...

Maybe he was pissed on your behalf because of the sock? I know I am....= ) Hope it's started behaving itself by now.

And the header looks great, btw.

Faren said...

Well, this is the first time he has shown any precognitive ablatives, but he is such an advanced, talented baby I wouldn't put it past him! The picture was taken several months ago.
Thanks for pulling for me in my own personal sock war, Ms. K! So far it is behaving itself, but I'm not letting my guard down!