Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Greensburg stuff

It seems like I have so much to talk about, mainly because I have waited to long to post. I wait until I have enough material for a good long post, then I feel like I have to have a good chunk of time to be able to post it all! So I think from now on I will try to post more often.

Just to make sure I don't forget about it, I'll start with Rebuilding Greensburg. Laura only needs 193 more squares to meet her second goal! Isn't that fantastic? I think that a lot of people are waiting to send all their squares in at once (like me), so there will probably be a deluge of squares come Aug. 1st. That second goal is gonna fly right by. Remember you can crochet squares too, in fact she has a very pretty pattern up. And no, Miranda, don't feel guilty about being to busy to crochet one, I just wanted to post it so everyone knows about it.

Laura's post today was a very good read about the project and how she feels about it. It was reaffirming why this project is important. If nothing else, it will let the people of Greensburg know that people from all over the world feel their pain and sympathize with them and are thinking about them. Just that can help a lot. There are also two links in her post to stories from the Wichita Eagle about mental health issues that are cropping up, and how the rebuilding is going.

I also wanted to let you know that Prairie Gumbo is having a contest for the Greensburg project. You do have to post pictures of your squares to your blog before Aug 16th. She is giving away a random prize and two prizes for the top two people with the most squares. The yarn looks yummy!

Laura is also needing yarn and yarn needles for the seaming party. Check her blog for more details. The seaming party is Sept 15, mark your calendars! I'm hoping to get a group together from here in Mac to ride down together, Theresa said she would go, and hopefully some friends of hers. Laura is planning on feeding us too! Doesn't it sound like fun? If you can please come! We are going to have to seam together 2240 squares! We need all the help we can get!

I knit this square today, my 8th one. My goal is to knit 10, so I'm in good shape. You know blogging does help me finish things. I wanted a picture of this square, so I had to weave in the ends and block it real quick. I hope to post again tomorrow, so watch this space!


Marianne said...

Good for you!
I've been keeping up with her blog as the squares have been coming in, you can always count on knitters, eh?

Faren said...

Oh, yeah, you certainly can! I think she will have an avalanche of squares come Aug 1st.