Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I've had pictures uploaded for about a week for a big long post, but I just haven't managed anything more. I keep coming up with other stuff I want to talk about though, so I finally gave up on getting that other post done first. Here is a bunch of random junk.

National Animal Identification System Plenty of bloggers(at least on my bloglines) have already talked about this and if I try I know I'll never get this post finished either. So, short and sweet, the government is trying to pass a law that will require every farm animal(down to pet rabbits) to have a id tag(which is cost prohibitive). The cost of tags and other equipment will probably put most small farms out of business. If the neighbors animals get sick they can not only seize your neighbors animals, but yours too. That is the basics, if you are interested here are some sites. Hopefully it is enough to get you started.
Small Meadow Farm
Homesteading Neophyte In her sidebar she has a list of NAIS sites.
NONAIS A very big site
Prairie Dreams

2. Oliver's Fund
Oliver is a handicapped child that needs a new wheelchair. They are asking for afghan squares(yes, I plan on knitting some) then they will raffle off the afghan. I have read Emma's(his mom) blog for a while now and really enjoy. I can't link directly to the post so here is her blog and it is the Nov 1 post. This just in, Kay from Mason-Dixon Knitting is going to be a clearing house for all of the squares in the USA. Nov 7 post

3. Fuller Family Farms
I don't think I've mentioned the Fullers yet. They are a single mom with 6 kids providing wonderful milk, butter, eggs, bread, soap, lip balm and all kinds of great stuff. All farm fresh and free range! I love all of their products I've tried. We have eaten much better since I met Chris.
Here is her online store and blog.

4. You Make Me Smile Award
Holly gave me this award, wasn't that nice of her?

The designer of this award gave it out to 10 people with this in mind: “I wanted to create something special for the top ten people who have inspired me through their blogging; the stories they tell, and the lives that they lead with grace and dignity. I visit their blogs for inspiration and encouragement.”

Ok, now I'm supposed to pick ten people huh?

Sorry no descriptions, it just isn't gonna happen.

5. Any Firefly fans out there? Check out this wonderful fan video!
Alright just go check out this guy's whole site, if you like sci fi stuff. Great song about Heroes and Dr. Who and Star Wars and, and all kinds of great stuff! Here is his list of videos.

6. While Techpriest's Dad and nephew from New Jersey were here the whole family went down to Wichita and ate at Kobe's a Japanese steakhouse, you know, where they cook the food right at the table and make a show out of it? Great food. Most of us stayed outside during the wait and found a place the kids could play ball. Techpriest finally comes outside and we all get excited 'cause it is time to eat, right? Nope, he came outside to tell us Kirstie Alley is in the waiting area!
Yeah, that Kirstie Alley! He had seen her come in and thought it looked like her but couldn't be sure. Then he heard her talking and thought it really sounded like her. Finally, someone brought their kids up to meet her and he knew it actually was her. She did grow up in Wichita, so it isn't totally unbelievable. We didn't disturb her in anyway, well, 'cept for staring at her out of the corner of our eyes. Though it was really close with DH's mom. She hauled the kids over to look at the fishes which was real close to Kirstie Alley. "No, really, you want to see the fishes!" I did think about hauling out the camera to prove to you all that I did actually see her, but we all figured she wanted a quite night out with family.

I think that is it, since Techpriest can't remember where he put the camera. When he does, I have something to show you!


Holly said...

So funny, we saw somebody famous at DS' baseball game th other night. Yup, that's the best I can do. I wouldn't have recognized him to save my life and promptly forgot his name, but the baseball people were excited (pro pitcher, pitched for the Angels when the won the World Series, whatever). Mostly, I felt sorry for his kid. He was his kid's team's coach, and all the attention was on this pitcher. He was gracious though, and still focused on his kid.

Faren said...

Yeah, that would be rough on a kid. I would be afraid of comments from the other kids and parents too.

Marianne said...

Wow, what a post! Just packed full of good information!
Thank you so very much! I'm very much honoured and in Very Good Company!
Kirstie Alley... How about that? she and I share the same birthday, heh. so.... did you see what she was eating? was she being 'good'? hee.
You make me smile too :^)

Faren said...

Same birthday, huh? Sounds like she is in good company too! No, she wasn't eating in the same room as us, but I wondered that myself!

Anita said...

Wow! My first award! I'm so excited -Thank you!! :D

Kirstie is there every once in a while.. I've never actually seen her though, that's pretty cool...

Sort of like Rick and I used to go listen to Martina McBride's dad play and sing all the time... He and her mother are really nice people, but I've never met Martina...

Dana said...

Thank you! Thank you! I enormously appreciate the "Smile" award; it was very sweet of you!

As for Kirstie, "Kinnear" her next time. :) Do you remember that Harlot post? Believe it or not, I did remember that Kirstie's from Kansas. There was a lot of info about her when she became the Vulcan lady many, many years ago for a Star Trek remake.

Firefly, you say? MY COPY IS IN THE MAIL - - woo hoo! I ordered the complete series from an Ebay vendor on Tuesday a.m. and I'm dying here, waiting for it to arrive. The only thing I've ever seen is the movie, "Serenity" and I cannot wait to see the actual series (took your advice on that one, my dear).

Well, I'm off to Fuller Farms and then I'm going to check out that video you wrote of. Have a great weekend! XOXO

Dana said...

Oh my gosh...the fan video whetted my appetite further (and I didn't think that was even possible) for Firefly. Too funny!

BTW, did you know that Adam Baldwin/"Jayne" is in the new series, "Chuck?"

Dana said...

No rule here. You're not allowed to blog anymore Faren. :) I went to Fuller Farms and bought both Rosemary/Mint soap and Tangerine lip balm.

Gee...why hasn't Dana gotten her bum to the store to buy a new camera? 'Cause Faren keeps sending her in new directions and Dana's buying other goodies (like Firefly videos) with the money she should be setting aside for a digital camera. LOL - - just teasin'

Dana said...

Meant to say..."New Rule Here." ;)

Faren said...

Oh Cool!! I'm so glad to hear that you are getting Firefly! I'm so excited for you! When you watch it make sure you tell me how much you like it, we can talk Firefly. I just rewatched it and I was bummed at what you were missing.

I've heard that he is in Chuck, but I've never seen it, have you?

I just bought the tangerine lip balm and I love it! It is very yummy. I've only tried the lavendar and rose soaps, I love both scents, I keep thinking I should try something different but can't pass up my favorites!

I guess it might be a good thing I don't post to often then! :)

Anita, a friend of a friend went to school with Martina, I guess they really didn't get along ;), but who knows what she is really like?

Dana said...

Hee hee hee. States apart but still partners in crime, eh? Yes, I do watch "Chuck." It's a cute series, but as far as I'm concerned, Adam steals every seen he's in. His sarcasm is just classic and I really enjoy his pithy little comments (a la Serenity).

Yes, I cannot wait to get my Fuller goodies. I love the taste of tangerines and I looked very, very hard at the lavendar soap (next time, in other words). ;) Have you tried the salves yet?

As for Martina, I'm not a country music fan by any stretch, but I do like a few artists, one of whom is Loretta Lynn. I was watching Loretta being honored by some organization and Martina was one of the presenters. Loretta teased the very pregnant Martina by saying that she ought to name the baby after her and Martina had this look on her face like, "No way!" I remember thinking, "Ugh to you too." Put it this way, I wasn't impressed, much like Anita. LOL

Have a great weekend sweetie!

Faren said...

Ok, that's it, I'll have to start Tivoing Chuck then. Sounds good, partner!
Yes, I have tried both salves and both work very well. They heal cat scratches real quick!
I haven't seen or heard of anything to make me second guess that friend of a friend till Anita said she likes Martina's parents, so who knows?

Sheepish Annie said...

Loved Firefly!!! That is one show that never really got its due, IMHO. And yet it seems to be doing so well in dvd format...

Thanx for the nomination! You make me smile, too!