Monday, November 12, 2007

Do the Hop!

The Yarn Hop was lots of fun! Two of the ladies couldn't go with us at the last minute, but we had enough enablers anyway. Lots of yarn was bought, and almost every store gave us a little gift for being hoppers too. We managed to hit all but two stores on Saturday, but unfortunately we lost two more ladies on Sunday. Techpriest found the camera after we were already in Wichita, so while I don't have any pictures of the actual Yarn Hop, I can at least show you pictures of all the goodies!

Twist - Wichita
My new tattoo! My mil and nephew were here Sat. and he told me "That's a temporary tattoo you know." I said, "No, really? I have two real ones and didn't figure that out!" sheesh! The picture was taken 4 days after I put it on, so maybe it is more like semi-permanent. They sell them on their online catalog.
Jitterbug, Kingfisher. I tried so hard not to buy anything that Yarns sells, but I started shooting pictures and realized that they do in fact sell Jitterbug. Opps! I don't think they have this colorway, and if they do, please don't tell me about it! The guilt might kill me!
StitchKeepers, size 0-3, 6 in. I really like this. You slip one end over your dpn's (with sock in progress on them) stretch the band to put the other end on. The caps are even purple! I haven't lost a stitch since I started using it!

The gift Twist gave us, little coin purse to put stitch markers, etc in.

Heritage Hut - Wichita
Just some notions, and yes I know that Yarns probably has them too, but I never think of buying them there!

Yarn - Hutchinson

Knitty Bits Sock Yarn from Two Windows Dye Co. Local dyer, loved her colors! Ann says I stole this skein from her, don't listen! I picked it up first and clung to it like a baby clings to its momma! It is mine, I tell you! The second picture is much truer to the color.

Yarn actually gave us the best gift, look at all this stuff! Upper left is their newsletter, right of that is a very nice pencil bag, lower left the back of their business card(it is a little graph to keep track of the needle sizes you have!) a measuring tape, sample of soak, little scratch pad and a stitch marker.

Close up of the scratch pad and stitch marker. The pad says, doing my part to keep the yarn industry rolling. Aren't they are both cute?

The Shivering Sheep - Abilene

Fleece Artist, Origin. I love that splash of purple in between the brown and sunflower yellow!

Brown Sheep wool wash, 2 oz, was the gift from the Shivering Sheep(don't you love that name?)

Yarns: Sold and Told - Salina, my LYS

J. Knits, Pueblo. I really wouldn't have named this Pueblo, pueblos are sandy colored, aren't they? I bought this colorway half because it was so different than the other skeins I had bought. Though I still love the colors, I just am pulled more to the dark blues, greens and of course purple! So this is a nice change.

The gift from Yarns, measuring tape that is also a keychain.

The Newton Beadery - Newton

The gift from the Beadery. A 20% discount coupon good till the end of the year, but not during the Yarn Hop. Clever of them, wasn't it? And a sample of soak and a sample of foot cream.

So, now I think I have plenty of wool wash and measuring tapes! But still not enough sock yarn, no matter what Techpriest says! :)


Marianne said...

Ahhh, you can never have too much sock yarn, eh?
I recently picked up some J.Knit, called 'Oklahoma' it was pink! and I'm talking PINK... pink?!? Oklahoma? go figure.

It all looks wonderful and what a fabulous time that must have been!

Holly said...

That looks like it was soo much fun. Jealous!

Faren said...

oh, it was so much fun! I actually have a sock stash now!

Anita said...

Great stuff! And your yarn is all so pretty!Sounds like you had a great time!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I LOVE this idea of a Yarn Hop! What are the rules? Do you design your own trip? Heck, in Ireland I'd have to go right round the entire island to get in three or four yarn stores! We don't have as many as you. On the other hand, we don't have as much distance as you either... Hey, can I come on your next one?

Faren said...

All the yarn stores got together and set it up. Each store called their suppliers and asked for prizes. Most of the stores gave out little gift bags, and had discounts too. At the first store we got a "passport" and each store stamped it. If you had a full passport you have a chance to win one of those prizes. They are supposed to get together Mon. to draw prizes. The five of us did get together and plan how we were going to do the trip though.
It was a good road trip, about 275 miles round trip. Sorry, know idea how many kilometers that would be!

When I first started knitting I thought KS was a wasteland as far as yarn stores were concerned. There are a lot more than I thought.

Sure you can come! The more the merrier! I'll save you a seat in the van.

Dana said...

Sounds like you had the yarn crawl of your dreams - - too much fun! Your purchases are BEAUTIFUL and the colors....ohhh/ahhhh. :) I'm tickled for you!

(P.S. My 'milkmaid' purchases arrived and the Rosemary/Mint is the best soap I've ever used).

Tober Kensai said...

Wow, in all my travels I never thought there would be a yarn hop! That is sooo Cool! I need to teach my hands to knit or something. Glad you had fun and you got all that cool stuff! AWESOME!!!
Karla (name changed to protect...)