Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hello out there!

Hi everyone, I thought I would just sit down and start writing instead of waiting for something brilliant to come to me. So, what do you want to know about me? Though I really think anyone reading this will know me pretty well.

My life changed dramatically in Aug of 2004 when I realized I had had a headache for a week. It continued and got much worse. I have been living with a headache of vary degrees every minute of every day since then. All the time. It seems to go through phases, whatever we are trying at the time helps for awhile, then it gets worse again. We have tried many, many different things, with many different doctors. Right now, on a scale of one to ten(ten being the worst), it averages about a 5.

I ended up quiting my job of 7yrs, in '05 after struggling for months with the headache being about a 7. I have had a few part time jobs since then, very part time. I never know when the headache is going to get bad.
My husband and I had to give up our house in Nickerson and move to an apartment in McPherson. It has been very nice to live in the same town as he works in, but it has been an adjustment to move away from everyone(ok, 30 to 45 min away, not really too bad). Our lifestyle has been reduced a lot, living on one paycheck. I am trying to get disability, but it is a long, slow road.

I started knitting because it was one thing I could do while watching TV. I used to cross stitch while watching tv, but I would have to look down a lot and then the bag of peas would fall off my head.


Oh, you want to know why I have a bag of peas on my head? Ice helps the headache, and frozen peas make the best ice packs. Plus, with practice you can learn to balance them on your head pretty good. But not while you are cross stitching! So, knitting. Now I have a new obsession. This blog will have a lot of knitting content. I need to tell someone all about it, DH doesn't get very excited about knitted socks....he thinks we could just go to Walmart and get some!

Well, I think that is enough to be getting on with, so talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome blog, I am very jealous. My first blog I make comparisons of me and Doogie.
That was awesome,glad you got to squeeze the peas in there.
HUGs and Love

Fiberjoy said...

Sorry to hear about your ongoing headaches. They can be so debilitating. Compounded by the fact that others can't understand how bad they can be unless they too deal with headaches. It's great that you are able to knit and blog.

Faren said...

Yeah, plus I forgot to mention that pain killers do not work for me.
Loratab worked for a week, then I started getting used to it. The doctor thought I was taking to much too, though I never went over the Rx.
Just on the line.
Thank you for the kind thoughts. Some people do look at me like they think "It's just a headache, deal" No, it is not just a headache, normal headaches end, this one never has. Plus, this one is more painful than normal headaches.

Anonymous said...

Tried to send email but it didn't work... Here's a link to things to do in Omaha:

Can't wait to see all of you! I'm SOOOOOO looking forward to seeing you!

Call me and let me know where you're staying and when you plan to be here...