Monday, October 8, 2007

Techpriest saves the day!

Hey, I (ok, Techpriest helped, by which I mean he saved my sanity)got the buttons to work! Really! Go mouse over them, I'll wait.

Did you see that cursor change to a hand? Isn't that just the most awesome thing ever?
I feel like a big kid now! :)

Something else Techpriest did for me. Found out I won't be able to scan from my computer anymore, but as the last time I scanned something probably at least 6 months ago I don't really see that as a problem. Isn't the little froggy cute?


Marianne said...

You've been busy! Good going on getting the blankie finished up!
The Yarn Hop sounds like all kinds of fun!

Dana said...

Yay Techpriest! The frog is adorable and you're going to have sooo much fun on your 'hop.'