Monday, October 29, 2007

Time Out

It looks so innocent, just lying there. Pretty even. But I'm here to tell you that this sock is evil, evil I say! This is the Damn sock, otherwise known as Miranda's socks. I finished the heel, thought it looked funny so tried it on. No go. So, I'm gonna put it in time out till after Christmas.
Miranda, you are NOT getting this for Christmas, at least not this year. Maybe next year if you are lucky.

See? That heel looks funny, doesn't it? Pattern is a modified version of the Monkey socks from Knitting Sutra.

Zoey loves the reflections on Star Wars poster. Isn't the new afghan pretty? It is smaller than the first one so it went together very quickly!

"What does this square smell like?" Seemed like she smelled each and every one.

Just had to take a picture of this pose. And here is a fun little video of Zoey and me playing.


Kit said...

I love your knitting but man, Zoe is OMG cuuuuute!!! :D

Julie said...

Great video! That blanket is beautiful!

Anita said...

Aren't kittens the absolute cutest things in the world?? Too bad they have to grow up...
Love the afghan... To me (a novice knitter) all socks are evil...LOL

Faren said...

Thanks guys! Zoey thanks you too, at least she is purring to beat the band. I need to video tape her in one of her crazy moods...she bounces off the walls!

Tober Kensai said...

She is getting so big! Was going through the photos on my jump drive and found some of her when she was dropped off! I will so have to send them to you!